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Today’s update comes with some interesting background story. A few months ago we got an email from the friendly guys over at, asking for a phone call; I wasn’t very familiar, so I investigated the site a bit before getting on the call, noticing that their headlines were all set in League Gothic.

Well that was exactly what we talked about, and it turned out that they were in need of some extra stuff for it. We negotiated an arrangement we were both excited about, and set to work.

Our first mission was to expand League Gothic’s character set, and we had some help in that arena from a fellow named Dannci, whose contributions we had been meaning to work with and expand on for some time. One of the things, I personally wanted to make sure of was to fix our silly quote issue - I’m not sure how it happened, but for the longest time our double quotes have been a single quote, and our single quotes were out of whack.

They also found themselves in need of italics, and had the suggestion of making a condensed version, to spice things up. I enlisted the help of Tyler, because we’ve worked on a few League projects together, and he’s crazy-good at what he does. After a few weeks of designing & a few weeks of tweaking, we had things pretty set, and Tyler even threw in a condensed italic, just because he’s cool.

And speaking of which, the guys over at were completely into all these commissions being put back into The League and being open-source. That’s sincerely awesome, and I want to make a point to say how grateful we are that they’ve been supportive of that mission.

Now without going on too much longer, I’d like to mention that this is an exciting new opportunity for us that we’d like to keep exploring. Commissions of expanding (or, even better, creating) are something we’d sincerely like to hear more of. We’ve done a couple now (we’ll have to elaborate on the other later), and they’ve been really rewarding in the end, for everyone involved. If you’re a company in need of some rebranding, and either wish one of our fonts had more characters or weights or styles, or you like the fonts in our catalogue and would be interested in talking about making something new & custom, shoot us an email and we can discuss.

There’s always plenty more work we can do, and of course we always welcome people to fork it & play with it. In the meantime, we hope you get a lot of great use out of this newly updated League Gothic, and keep your eyes peeled for some extremely cool new stuff coming your way very soon.


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