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I apologize if this has been asked already or covered in the license, but I want to make sure before I invest a lot of time. Does the OFL permit me to use a font as a logotype/my logo? Would my logo be copyrightable/trade markable? Specifically I'm talking about Orbitron, but may go another direction.(You guys provide a lot of great fonts!) It's currently my tumblr avatar. Is that type of thing allowed with the OFL? Any info would be much appreciated!


Good question! We’ve gotten a couple of these, so here’s what’s up.

With any OFL licensed fonts (all of ours are OFL), you can use the font however you like – in a logo, embedded on a site, in an app, whatever you need. You don’t need to put in any sort of attribution (especially on a logo), though if you can, it’s always nice. As long as you’re not selling the font itself or claiming you originally made it, it’s allowed!

So feel free! Get it? No, but seriously. And we love getting tweets & emails & Tumblr fan mail about how you’ve used them, so we have more to blog about.


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