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Hi there - I've looked through the Open Font License but didn't see a statement specifically pertaining to embedding LoMT fonts in (iOS) apps. Is that allowed with attribution for all League fonts? Thanks - chad martin chad|at|pivotalaction|daught|com


Great question! And 10 points for reading the license!

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a pretty great FAQ that comes along with the OFL (we have a pretty version online here). There are a couple bullet points in there that are specific to software that should answer your question, but we can save you the trouble:

It’s totally cool. OFL fonts are allowed to be embedded in software, both open-source or commercial. Essentially, as long as you’re selling the program, and not just the font, it’s not a problem.

And attribution is also is not mandatory (sometimes you just can’t), but if you’d like to do it, we’d certainly appreciate it!


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