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Font Submission: Orbitron

ORBITRON, submitted by mattmcinerney

Orbitron is a typeface I’ve been working for the past few months. It’s a geometric sans serif display typeface, potentially an alternative to Eurostile or Bank Gothic. It features 3 weights: Medium, Bold, and Black. It also features some alternate characters including the A, V, W and O seen above. Assuming it gets your stamp of approval, I’d love for it to become a part of The League’s library of open source fonts.


Since we’re trying to make the font submission process to The League more open, we’d like to open the floor and hear what you all think about the font. For the next 7 days, you can help us decide whether or not we should add Orbitron to The League’s font collection by casting a vote. You’re also welcome to post comments and other feedback along with your votes. After the 7 day period, we’ll announce what the outcome is.
To vote, simply leave an answer to the question below in this format: VOTE: YES or VOTE: NO

So what’s your vote for Orbitron?


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  1. laurapluscasey answered: Why not?
  2. justinscarpetti answered: yes!
  3. jondashkyle answered: VOTE: YES
  4. hypomodern answered: VOTE: YES
  5. knewsomewords answered: yes
  6. zeke answered: VOTE: NO
  7. formelixir answered: VOTE: YES
  8. theinfernalmachine answered: Yes
  9. seanblog answered: SUPERYES
  10. jjm answered: YES
  11. dariuscaine answered: YES
  12. derekreynolds answered: YES
  13. manasto answered: yes
  14. skelly answered: YES
  15. michpalmer answered: YES
  16. jimmyjosh answered: YES
  17. evanwalsh answered: YES
  18. philippschmitt answered: VOTE: NO
  19. ajrcreative answered: YES
  20. panpainter answered: Absolutely, yes.