The League of Moveable Type

They’re back at it! You might remember our last blog post about the Crafting Type workshop, and they’ve got another one coming up.

It’s a not-for-profit workshop that teaches the basics of making a typeface, from drawing to finished font, and it’s run by some extremely fantastic typographers – Dave Crossland, Alexei Vanyashin, Eben Sorkin, Octavio Pardo & Vernon Adams.

The next one’s coming up soon, with pricing for students, association members, and professionals:

Feb. 2-3-4
MIT Civic Media Center
The Media Laboratory
Wiesner Buildin E15, Room 344
20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Go check it out ( and then show us what you make!

Got a surprise in the mail today! Excited to be included in Hans Lijklema’s Free Font Index again. You can buy a copy on Amazon or in any Barnes & Noble. #published

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Today’s update comes with some interesting background story. A few months ago we got an email from the friendly guys over at, asking for a phone call; I wasn’t very familiar, so I investigated the site a bit before getting on the call, noticing that their headlines were all set in League Gothic.

Well that was exactly what we talked about, and it turned out that they were in need of some extra stuff for it. We negotiated an arrangement we were both excited about, and set to work.

Our first mission was to expand League Gothic’s character set, and we had some help in that arena from a fellow named Dannci, whose contributions we had been meaning to work with and expand on for some time. One of the things, I personally wanted to make sure of was to fix our silly quote issue - I’m not sure how it happened, but for the longest time our double quotes have been a single quote, and our single quotes were out of whack.

They also found themselves in need of italics, and had the suggestion of making a condensed version, to spice things up. I enlisted the help of Tyler, because we’ve worked on a few League projects together, and he’s crazy-good at what he does. After a few weeks of designing & a few weeks of tweaking, we had things pretty set, and Tyler even threw in a condensed italic, just because he’s cool.

And speaking of which, the guys over at were completely into all these commissions being put back into The League and being open-source. That’s sincerely awesome, and I want to make a point to say how grateful we are that they’ve been supportive of that mission.

Now without going on too much longer, I’d like to mention that this is an exciting new opportunity for us that we’d like to keep exploring. Commissions of expanding (or, even better, creating) are something we’d sincerely like to hear more of. We’ve done a couple now (we’ll have to elaborate on the other later), and they’ve been really rewarding in the end, for everyone involved. If you’re a company in need of some rebranding, and either wish one of our fonts had more characters or weights or styles, or you like the fonts in our catalogue and would be interested in talking about making something new & custom, shoot us an email and we can discuss.

There’s always plenty more work we can do, and of course we always welcome people to fork it & play with it. In the meantime, we hope you get a lot of great use out of this newly updated League Gothic, and keep your eyes peeled for some extremely cool new stuff coming your way very soon.

Exciting news! League Gothic updated! More details over here!

Also, we’ve got some great new stuff coming up really really soon. We’re finishing up in the next few days, collecting some new stuff we think you’ll really like.

New Ostrich Sans Round from @sursly. It’s a paid addition to the original Ostrich Sans family, so we want to help support our pal Tyler, but fo realz sursly – it’s improved in a million ways & for $9 you will see amazing work.

Why does League Gothic not have double quotes?


That’s an excellent question, and I truly do not remember how that happened. Or how we’ve gotten away with it for so long. But we’re finishing up an update soon to fix it. ‘Cuz it’s silly.

Over: text photos seems to have a lot of nice fonts in their menu options. Dig it.



Artists Against Fracking

The Made Shop has been working feverishly the past two weeks with Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda and Jared Geller and Yoko Ono and an innumerable list of other artists in New York to put together a campaign to urge New York’s Governor Cuomo to ban hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in New York State.

Sean & Yoko will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight which I’m told is going to be well worth watching. Please help spread the word, check out the website to learn more about fracking and why it is a dangerous and terribly bad idea, and contact Governor Cuomo to voice your opinion.

Last night, a group of like-minded artists launched a campaign to stand up against the devastation that will be caused if hydraulic fracturing (fracking) legislation is passed in places like New York.

Please check out the site here for a RENEWABLE NEW YORK.

One of the best uses of League Gothic we’ve seen, and we entirely support this opposition. Spread it.

Our pal Kyle Fox helped put together an intriguing-looking conference at the end of August in Edmonton – Crafting Type: An introductory typeface design workshop.. There’s some extra background here, and we’re sure it’ll be a fascinating learning experience. If you’re curious about learning how to get started with type design & have the dough, you should check it out.

Some awesome insights on how Github runs their company the right way. Set in Ostrich Sans, of course. Zach is one of our favorite people to follow – knows his stuff, both programming & design, and says what he means.

Check out the embedded slides above or head over to his site & listen to the audio for his talk.

I apologize if this has been asked already or covered in the license, but I want to make sure before I invest a lot of time. Does the OFL permit me to use a font as a logotype/my logo? Would my logo be copyrightable/trade markable? Specifically I'm talking about Orbitron, but may go another direction.(You guys provide a lot of great fonts!) It's currently my tumblr avatar. Is that type of thing allowed with the OFL? Any info would be much appreciated!


Good question! We’ve gotten a couple of these, so here’s what’s up.

With any OFL licensed fonts (all of ours are OFL), you can use the font however you like – in a logo, embedded on a site, in an app, whatever you need. You don’t need to put in any sort of attribution (especially on a logo), though if you can, it’s always nice. As long as you’re not selling the font itself or claiming you originally made it, it’s allowed!

So feel free! Get it? No, but seriously. And we love getting tweets & emails & Tumblr fan mail about how you’ve used them, so we have more to blog about.

Just watched this new video, What is Version Control?, from our friends over at Github, who recently brought Git’s web presence back to life.

It’s an awesome intro about why version control is awesome, and if you’re new to font design (or at least aren’t too old to be scared of new technology), you should check it out. We’re big advocates of git, and we’re big advocates of the UFO format because it works well with it.

It’s awesome.

Quick Typo Alert

In that last question we answered about OFL & apps, we wrote,

Essentially, as long as you’re not selling the program, and not just the font, it’s not a problem.

That really should have been “Essentially, as long as you’re selling the program, and not just the font, it’s not a problem.”

Whoops. Hopefully that didn’t screw anyone up. Thanks to all our peeps on twitter who caught that.