The League of Moveable Type

We’re super excited to introduce a new member to our catalogue – League Spartan. We’ve been working on this one a while, and we’re starting out by releasing a single, bold weight. It’s a beautiful, modern geometric sans-serif, and we’ve actually been secretly using it on our own site for the last few months. It’s superb. You’ll love it.

Tyler Finck’s helping his son sell his first font, and it is awesome. All the money earned goes directly to the kid’s savings account. Let’s share this, and buy copies, and show Jonah how great he is.

$5 - Go buy a copy

Sriracha, a documentary by Griffin Hammond, with @finck’s Ostrich Sans everywhere. The Los Angeles Times says its the hottest movie of 2013. Get it? It looks awesome.

Awesome, creative music video for Ophelia from @octochamp using Ostrich Sans. Well done.

So flipping cool. Custom type design for a saw mill from @carterwongthink, via @finck

The new hitRECord TV show is fantastic, and their use of League Gothic everywhere is so insanely exciting. We love it. Go watch it.

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Keep up the awesome work, guys.

(Source: hitrecord, via hitrecordjoe)

What the %$#0 is kerning?

If ever there were a popular question, it’d be that.

With or without a curse word, it’s a question that we’ve gotten asked countless of times – “What is it? Do I need to understand it? How’s it work?”

Kerning is an essential part of finishing a good font. Notice I use the word font, as opposed to typeface; that’s because I’m about to explain what kerning is – in terms of software, and how you use it.

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Logo Design & The Art of Modifying

Not too long ago, we got a really great email.

In response to one of the newsletters about modifying open-source fonts, our new friend David asked us this:

"Can you modify typefaces that don’t have OFL licenses? Also, have any advice on using type in logo designs, if that’s not too much of a stretch?" - David

Definitely not a stretch. Let’s talk shop.

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The Font You Bought’s Only Good For One Thing

If you’ve ever bought a font – even a really, really fantastic font – you were no doubt, at one time, confused.

The thing is, most font foundries make it complicated. Or hard. And as designers, we’re used to wearing different hats – Photoshop Tuesday, coding Wednesday, blogging on Thursday – but one most of us aren’t really that great at is taking extra time out from designing to trudge through dense EULA jargon before using one of those fonts. And if you find yourself considering plunking down $30 or $50 or $100 on a new one, you better know what it is you’re planning on using it for – if you pick the wrong license you’re gonna have to bust that wallet out all over again. Most designers – nay, people – I’ve ever met have at least some amount of issue with spending money on stuff they can’t actually use.

But those licenses doesn’t have to be entirely confusing.

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What this font says about you: “I am strong, assertive, and cry without fail whenever I watch Titanic.”

— Very excited to be featured on Buzzfeed! 20 Life-Changing Fonts You Can Download For Free


Practicing my very rusty calligraphy skills. Really enjoying it. I dream about it now.

So very excited to see League Gothic at the movies. #DonJon looks incredible.

(Source: hitrecordjoe, via jglnews)

The only thing more awesome than Assassin’s Creed in the Golden Age of Pirates is the fact they’re using League Gothic. So awesome.

This just in! Awesome new work from Tyler – two new styles of Ostrich Sans, dubbed Ostrich Sans Inline. With an international character set, and an italic version, let’s show @finck some love and say thank you!

font friday


imageThe above message came by way of a very special fortune cookie a few years ago. Sometimes we need to be reminded, & that’s OKAY. As long as we remember. We all create in different ways—whatever that means to you, please don’t stop.

Featuring a bold slab serif typeface aptly titled, chunk (c/o The League of Moveable Type). By the way—if you’ve never heard of these guys before, you should definitely check ‘em out. Their open-source mission and manifesto is inspiring.